The Clothes

OK First off we got a nice simple comparison shot, Had to play with the colour on the pic of UK Bob to compensate for not having a studio light rig, and heck even if I did I'd need to know how to use it proper aswell which is lacking, but hey I got a beard, but that needs a trim to look right but just got the final bits together ( I still need ££ for the coat, ARSE) and couldn't be botherd triming it for pics. Will redo pics later with help of a friend next time. Yes Gary that means you :)

Here's an updated pic now with coat Oh Yea :)and properly trimmed beard.

Next is a Shoe's comparison. UK Bob left US Bob right. Had to fiddle with colour again but still couldn't match it right. I know I have all the gear in the right colours just the good old whats on screen with all the film lighting and film stock type yadda yadda yadda, = looks a bit different on normal camera.

OK Now just pics of UK Bob unedited for you viewing displeasure ;) Oh and please forgive the totally gormless look on my face, I hate using the timer on cameras.